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WA Wilson Glass and Aluminum Railings and Windscreens

WA Wilson offers an extensive range of glass and aluminum railings and windscreens using either 3/8″ or ½″ glass.  They are designed to be both beautiful and code compliant for either commercial or residential applications.  Using CRL architectural hardware, WA Wilson can offer a complete glass and hardware package that achieves the layout and design of your system.

The Glass Association of North America publishes information on the general design guidelines for tempered glass in various locations.  They recommend the maximum span  for panels restrained at top and bottom only is 60″ for 1/4″ tempered, 96″ for 3/8″ tempered, and 120″ for 1/2″ tempered.  With this approach, the glass may be structurally adequate, but may have excessive deflection under load.

You should consult with a licensed engineer or architect to determine if the product being used is of appropriate structural strength for your application.

Copies of CRL structural strength and testing data are available at their website

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